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Center for Champions provides Christian LIFE on LIFE mentors to youth that need positive, consistent influences in their life.




The Impact of Center for Champions


Our Approach

LIFE on LIFE and our ROOTED program.

LIFE on LIFE is more than mentoring. It is modeling what it is to be a man or woman of God as we do life with students. LIFE on LIFE takes places any time. Whether it’s running out to the grocery store and taking your mentee along, playing basketball, grabbing lunch, any time is a time to do life together. Our mentors model Jesus love for their mentee with their words and their actions.

ROOTED is Center for Champions weekly program for matches.

ROOTED includes high-energy team competition and team-building throughout the academic year. Matches come to ROOTED for fun games,
Bible teaching, one on one discussions, and an academic or life skills challenge.

ROOTED is the perfect environment for our mentors to start building LIFE on LIFE relationships. It’s a launchpad to friendship. All they need to do is show up and everything is prepared for them.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to share the love of Jesus through LIFE on LIFE mentoring relationships where youth and families find hope, values, and skills in order to discover God’s plan for their lives and be a positive influence in their communities.

Our vision is to provide a Christian mentor to every one that wants one.


See what happens at Center for Champions

An overview of CFC programs: Rooted and LIFE on LIFE.

Highlights from 2017-18

Can’t be a mentor right now? We get it.

We’d still love your support. Here’s how you can partner with us:



Kids are expensive. Help our kids and mentors have some fun (read: get the whole meal deal, not just the burger) by sponsoring a match.


Every week our kids and mentors hang out together at a gathering called Rooted and it. is. awesome! Or at least we try to make it awesome with the resources we have. It gets even better with your support.


All of these things—staff, t-shirts, events, training resources, a zillion bags of potato chips—cost money. Choose your own adventure and give a one-time gift.

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