Life is better with mentors

You can make life better for a kid just by showing up.

Why Mentoring?

Growing up is hard. Growing up without a friend cheering you on is way harder. There are kids in our neighborhood who need someone to show up for them—to listen, to see the best in them, to hang out on a Thursday afternoon just because. Just one relationship like that could be a game changer.

Want to dive deeper? Let's talk about the problem of fatherlessness.

We need you!


Mentors needed


Mentors we have

So, what do you think? Ready to be a mentor?

Can't be a mentor right now? It's cool. We'd still love your help.

Kids are expensive. Help our kids and mentors have some fun (read: get the whole meal deal, not just the burger) by sponsoring a match.
Every week our kids and mentors hang out together at a gathering called Rooted and it. is. awesome! Or at least we try to make it awesome with the resources we have. It gets even better with your support.
All of these things—staff, t-shirts, events, training resources, a zillion bags of potato chips—cost money. Choose your own adventure and give a one-time gift or a monthly gift of any amount.

Want to see what all of this looks like in real life? Watch this.

Let's be friends!

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