Kevin and Jamal

Jamal and I had planned to go to Dexterity Depot (Ninja Warrior/Parkour gym) but our plans were changed. I had been trying to reach Jamal via Facebook Messenger but he wasn't responding. So, I texted his mom on Saturday morning to see if he was available. She responded and said he had a football game and that he would be happy if I came. So, I decided to go. A few minutes later, his mom called and asked if I could give her and a neighbor boy a ride to the game. Apparently, she had to renew her license but the DMV was closed. So, I agreed to pick her and the neighbor boy up. On the way to the game, Jamal’s mom told me that Jamal almost quit football but decided to stick with it. I know he's been frustrated because he hasn't been able to get rides to practice and games consistently. She also told me that Jamal looks to me as a "God-dad" which really touched me. Jamal didn't know that I was coming to the game and when he saw me he had a big smile on his face. He actually started the game which I'm sure will help with his confidence and willingness to stick with football. I was able to watch the whole game and give him a few words of encouragement.

I found out that their internet was disconnected which is why Jamal never responded to me. I was able to take Jamal out to lunch and talk to him for a while. We talked about school and his future, what he might want to do after school, etc. He's not sure what he wants to do but I told him that God gives each of us gifts and that he should be seeking to learn what his gifts are. We also talked about it being almost a year since we've been matched (hard to believe)! I'm trying to compile pictures and videos that I've taken and asked Jamal if he'd like to help me put together a video sequence with music. So, I'm hoping this is a project we can work on together and will share it with CFC when it's finished.

(Names changed for anonymity.)

Jeff Bruce