Rooted is Center for Champions after school program.  At Rooted, site based mentors are matched with program participants for weekly games, snacks, youth ministry plus reading and math enrichment.  Students are matched one on one with a caring, adult mentor.  The purpose of Rooted is to foster relationships that will impact students (and mentors) for a life time.  Lasting change happens through the relationships we have with other people.  You can change the course of a student’s life just by showing up and showing that you care.  You’ve inhaled the gospel message for a long time.  Now, exhale the gospel to people who need to hear it.

Presently Rooted meets the following days, times and locations:

Rooted Elementary (2nd-4th grade) – Monday 5:00-6:30 – Second City Church, 251 Verbeke Street, Harrisburg

Rooted Middle School (5th-7th grade) – Tuesday 4:00-5:30 – 333 S. 13th Street, Harrisburg

Rooted Teens (8th-12th grade) – Friday 5:30-9:00 – Second City Church, 251 Verbeke Street, Harrisburg