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The Problem




40% of youth in Harrisburg are growing up at/below the poverty line.

By preparing young people for college and careers, mentoring helps develop the future workplace talent pipeline.



Over 60% of youth at Center for Champions are growing up fatherless.

A study of 1,977 children age 3 and older living with a residential father or father figure found that children living with married biological parents had significantly fewer externalizing and internalizing behavioral problems than children living with at least one non-biological parent.

Mentors can’t replace a father, but they can model positive choices and point a child to the love of the God.



  • 3 million children are neglected or maltreated each year

  • 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before adulthood

  • 94% of children in juvenile justice settings have experienced trauma

  • Mentors can help protect and buffer children from toxic stress.

  • Mentors can help children heal and build resiliency.

  • A mentor’s presence can reduce levels of hormones present in children and as a result, reduce the impact of trauma.

  • Mentors should celebrate, comfort, listen to, collaborate with, and inspire young people in order to build strong relationships.

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 The Solution

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There is only one thing that can fill the void in the life of a fatherless child; the love of God the Father. Therefore, our mission is to share the love of Jesus through LIFE on LIFE mentoring relationships.

For over 20 years, Center for Champions has been striving to obey God’s commandment to “defend the cause of the fatherless” (Isaiah 1:17).

Since 2015, when we transitioned from an after school program to a LIFE on LIFE mentoring program, we’ve had 56 adult mentors model the love of God to youth who desperately need it. Overall, these mentors have spent over 2800 hours with their mentees.

LIFE on LIFE, is more than “mentorship.” It’s modeling what it means to be a man or woman of God–not just during at our programs, but while in our homes, going to the grocery store, playing basketball, serving in our communities, or studying the Bible. As we do life together, we’re extending to youth an invitation to know the love of God, to know their purpose and identity, and to grow as leaders in their homes, schools, churches and communities.

You can be a part of the solution when you give, volunteer, and pray for Center for Champions.


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