I'm ready to do this!
What's the next step?

You are in the right place.The button below will get us some basic info and then we will provide you the next steps. In the meantime, here's an overview.


Mentors make a 1 year commitment (though we hope a lot longer than that) to be matched LIFE on LIFE with a student.  This means they enjoy life together by hanging out, eating, playing games, running errands, building things, crafts, you name it.  Matches also participate in ROOTED, our program that meets during the school year.  ROOTED is where you and your match build some of the foundations for your relationship that can really be a springboard for great conversations.  ROOTED will certainly provide some great memories together too.


Refs are more than Refs.  Refs are our support team for ROOTED.  Our Refs do referee but they also assist with snacks, set-up and tear-down, sound, check-in, sitting in with students at times, and more.  ROOTED runs smoothly because of our Refs.  Refs can commit to coming as often as they are able; twice each week, once a week, every other week, monthly, any time you can give would be awesome!


My schedule is stacked but I'd like to give!

We totally get it!  We’re all at different stations in life and sometimes it’s not easy to give your time.  You can give financially and help us out in so many ways.  Like we mentioned, kids are expensive!  Truth is, we want a lot of kids here at Center for Champions.  Your gift helps make that happen.