Have you heard of CFC’s Rooted Site Mentoring program?  Rooted is our version of after school program.  Youth come and are matched, on-site, one on one with a mentor.  They hang out together, play games together, talk about God together, read together and work on math skills together.  Rooted Teens take it a step further, Rooted Teens do service projects, explore different careers, pray together and challenge each other, go on outings, play games, and have fun.

Why Rooted?  Roots are unseen below the surface but deep roots provide strength, stability and nourishment.  They also help provide true beauty and fruit.  Our youth need deep roots and that is why Rooted Site Mentoring exists.

Want to get involved?  Rooted Site Mentoring is always looking for mentors.  It’s a great way to connect with youth and may even lead to a Life on Life Mentoring Match.  Click here to sign-up: http://www.centerforchampions.org/get-involved/