Theology Matters

by | Aug 1, 2017

Center for Champions is a non-denominational organization.  We’ve had staff and students from all walks here.  At present, we range from Pentecostal to reformed.  I’ll admit it…I’m the reformed one.  I went and got my Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando thinking that I was supposed to be a pastor or youth pastor.  It was an incredible experience and a valuable one but God had other plans.

As you may know of reformers, we love theology (i.e. covenant theology).  Sadly, it seems that often we put ourselves in danger by loving theology so much that we isolate ourselves.  People who focus solely on theology can become full of great knowledge but seldom put it into action or let it go beyond the walls of the church.  Along with knowledge of theology is the risk of great pride as well.  This can render all that wonderful doctrine useless if it doesn’t edify others.  But, it is also clear that there is (or seems to be) a move among Christians away from theology.  Maybe it’s “tickling ears” or just poor study.  Maybe it’s even in a move to not offend anyone.  Granted, every person has a ‘theology’ but it seems as if there is not as much theological study.  When we stray from studying Scripture in exchange for sermons and well-intentioned books (of course these should be a part of our study, just not the central piece), we give up that first-hand experience with God’s written Word for us.  We can get overly caught up in trying to “hear God’s voice” or waiting expectantly for a “word” from God while His Word sits on our shelf with His voice and words waiting to be heard.

There is another danger when we let theology go by the wayside.  That is deception and compromise.  We live in a drastically changing culture with all kinds of crazy ideas.  There is a lot of pressure on followers of God.  Of course, we don’t want to be labeled as haters of any sort but sometimes we need to ask what we are giving up in order to avoid the label.  If we don’t know theology we can quickly get swept away into thinking we are showing love to others while simultaneously turning our back on God given truth.  Yes, let’s love others and let’s let them know we are Christians by our love…without selling out for a soft God that is not found in Scripture.

I share this with you because Center for Champions does share from the Bible but we only try to provide a foundation.  Theology is taught and modeled first and foremost in the home and secondly through adult models in the lives of youth.  Our youth look to us more than we probably imagine.  They see how we treat each other and what we say about each other, they see our work ethic or lack thereof, they hear our words, bickering, and gossiping and they learn to replicate our behaviors.  It’s for these reasons that if we call ourselves followers of the God of the Bible, we must study theology…and then put it into practice.