Rooted Site Mentoring

by | Aug 23, 2017

You may have heard of Rooted by now.  Rooted is what Center for Champions’ after school program has become.  At Rooted Site Mentoring, every child is matched one on one with a mentor at a CFC site.  Why?  Because relationships are what bring about long term life change.  Think through the difficult circumstances you’ve faced in your life.  Most of us can identify someone who was there for us.  Someone who listened, whom we could trust, they were a friend and they gave wise counsel.  These relationships play an integral part in writing our story.  I truly believe this is by God’s design.  Iron sharpens iron, right?  Many of the youth we are privileged to work with come from less than ideal circumstances.  Many have been growing up fatherless or are labeled “at-risk”.  Regardless of the circumstances, all kids (and adults) can benefit from having a mentor in their life.  They too need someone who will listen, whom they can trust and will give wise counsel.

Rooted Site Mentoring at CFC is for 2nd through 7th-grade students.  Rooted will meet each Monday from 4:30-6:30 pm.  At Rooted, students play games, open the Bible and have a discussion and then do math and reading enrichment.  All the resources are provided.  Now we need you!  We can and will only take as many students as mentors we have.  That is what makes this year unique.  It’s the first year we are dedicated to making Rooted Site Mentoring one on one.  Next in line will be Rooted Teens.  Rooted Teens are 8th through 12th-grade students.  Slowly but surely we will be moving toward making this program completely one on one as well.

Interested in investing in and sharing your life with another?  Ready to put your theology into practice?  Be a mentor and help write a new narrative in a child’s life and maybe even your own.  Contact us today here or call our office at 717-232-9675.