Why Mentoring?

The rise of single parent homes during the last half century has had a devastating affect on our youth.  Over 33% of youth in America are growing up without their dad present in their home.  We may see poor behavior, low academic skills, a poor work ethic but behind it all you will often find that there is a lack of positive influences.

Mentors make a difference.

Though a mentor can never replace a parent, a mentor can build a trusting friendship that can have a lifelong impact on a child’s life.  Mentors can be Jesus’ hands and feet to a kid that wants to know that there is more to life.


72% of African Americans born out of wedlock. 53% of Latinos born out of wedlock. Caucasian children born out of wedlock has increased by 300% since 1975. 100% of mass school shootings have been committed by fatherless boys.

With Mentors

Youth with mentors are more likely to hold leadership positions. Youth with mentors are less likely to skip class. Youth with mentors are less likely to ...


LIFE on LIFE is more than mentoring. LIFE on LIFE is modeling what it means to be a man or woman of God. Mentors do this while going out to eat, playing basketball, painting, running errands, doing yard work with their match. LIFE on LIFE is living life together and being Jesus' hands and feet to another.

Our Method
Invest in Mentors

Center for Champions seeks mentors with a heart for ministry.

We provide them with the tools and resources they need to build a lasting friendship.

We connect mentor and mentee through ROOTED where conversations are sparked and memories are built.

We invest in our mentors with quarterly meetings and trainings throughout the year as well as one on one 6 month and 1 year meetings.

Mentors pour into mentees to help them develop the spiritual foundation and skills needed to reach their God given potential.