Ready to get involved? We need Mentors and we need Refs (support team). Let's get started!

Interested in being a Mentor?

Come visit Rooted or an Open House

Come see what it's all about first hand. We think you'll love it. It's a great environment for building a friendship.


Our interview process helps us get to know you and find the best match for you. It's also your chance to ask questions.


Next, we will get you an application. These days it's important for us to have all the necessary clearances and references.

Get Training

We offer mentor training quarterly but sometimes there are exceptions when we have a group forming. We'll keep you in the loop.

Interested in being a Ref?

Wait, what's a Ref?

Refs are our support team for Rooted. Refs do check-in, set up snacks, general set-up and tear-down, video, sound, and sometimes fill in for a mentor that can't make it or with a student who is not yet matched.

visit Rooted or speak to a staff member

It certainly helps to see it but you can talk to one of our staff too to get more details of what roles we have for our refs.


You won't need an extensive application to be a ref but because you'll be working around kids, we need to have everything in order for everyones safety.

Get Training

Training for refs is brief. We typically do our training for new refs 30 minutes before Rooted begins.