Summer and Upcoming Needs

May 22, 2018

Summer is almost here and at CFC, we want our youth to keep busy, continue learning and have a memorable summer.  We do our best to provide that through our own Champ Camp, Mount Lou San Bible Camp, AROMA Sports Camp, and PSU Basketball Camp.  For a student to attend each of these, it will cost a parent $275/child.  This is even after drastic discounts that we receive.  Would you consider providing a scholarship for a child?

Coming this fall, Rooted is going to be bigger and better.  We expect to have 50+ coaches and mentees at each site.  To communicate effectively, we have some needs that would be a tremendous help.  Please consider helping CFC by meeting some of our tangible needs.  By this fall we need to purchase a video projector, a portable screen, a sound system, and additional AV equipment.  We would love your help!  Visit the GIVE page to help provide any of these needs.

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