Life on Life Mentoring Outings


Here at Center for Champions, we provide one Life on Life outing for matches each month.  There are a few reasons why we do this:

  • As a mentor, sometimes it gets difficult to come up with new ideas for activities to do with your mentee.
  • CFC knows that mentors use their own money to cover the cost of their activities.  We want to provide unique outings where no one needs to worry about the money involved.
  • Outings build memories and continue to build the fabric of relationships.
  • As relationships form, it can be difficult to find the right time to share the gospel.  When CFC provides an outing, sharing the gospel is on us.  This provides a great opportunity for mentors to bring up the conversation at the right time.
  • It’s totally fun!

Providing outings is something we always want to be able to provide our mentors.  We try to provide 6 bigger, unique opportunities each year and 6 small activities typically held at a CFC site.  As the number of mentors increases so does the cost so here is a really practical way that you can help CFC.  Can you sponsor an outing for us?  Some of those bigger, unique outings have been activities such as snow tubing, indoor climbing, a ninja warrior gym and other awesome field trips.  On average, the cost is $15 per person and on average, 15 matches attend these bigger events (30 people total) which makes the cost about $450.00.  If you can sponsor one of our outings or even a portion of it, please click here.  We will contact you with details about the outing you’ve sponsored and we’ll even share photos/videos with you directly.

Thank you for supporting Life on Life mentoring at Center for Champions and furthering our mission of sharing the love of Jesus through life on life mentoring.

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