Academic Year Needs

by | Aug 28, 2018

Rooted starts up again in just a few weeks.  We are super excited about this year.  It’s going to be incredible!

As we continue to make preparations there are a number of tangible needs we have.  If you can’t be a mentor, this is how you can have a much-needed role in helping us launch a great year. 

Here are some of our needs:

  1. Reams of cardstock for discussion cards
  2. Reams of printing paper
  3. Rhino Skin type of dodgeballs
  4. New basketballs
  5. Sports cones
  6. New or used iPads/tablets
  7. Grocery store gift cards
  8. Bottled water

We are also still seeking Rooted Teams Sponsors.  If your business would like to sponsor one of our teams, please let us know soon.  $1000 covers shirts, snacks, supplies, and curriculum.  Your business logo will go on the Coach’s shirts and on the team banner.  Plus we will supply you with team pics and video.  

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